SAHM guilt

Stay at Home mom. There are so many phrases and words connected with that title. I am a Stay at Home mom. I homeschool my three daughters. I see it as a God designed calling for my life.

Yet, that calling can get attacked. In fact, I can attack that calling. Ever heard of Stay at Home Guilt? Yes there is mom guilt, the feeling that you don’t do enough for your kids. Stay at Home Mom guilt comes into play though, when you feel like you are not monetarily helping the family.

As a family, we agreed we would make some sacrifices, so that I could stay home. However, those sacrifices can sometimes still weigh on a SAHM. Right now, we have been without a family vehicle for almost two months. Taking out a car loan is a sacrifice, it is one that needs to be weighed carefully.

Each day, I can choose to pay attention to the sacrifices that we make for this calling. Or I can choose to keep walking out the calling, knowing that Christ is our ultimate resource provider.

It is interesting that as I am walking a healing journey out, recovering people pleaser, that Satan would choose to hit me right there. He really is a scheming piece of dirt. Obviously I ticked him off yesterday. Guess I better brush myself off after being hit, and hit him where it counts. I mean, it is Good Friday and Resurrection Sunday this weekend!!!


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