Living the Dream

One of the struggles I have faced as of recent, is the idea that Being a Mom who Homeschools is not the dream.

I began to face the comments from others that I was settling. Relinquishing to fear. Giving up. Not dreaming big enough. The business I became a part of allowed me to work from home. It has allowed me the “flexibility” to create my own hours. It gave me the ability to earn some extra income.

The income part was the most intriguing. Hard as I tried, I faced guilt, by my own doing, that I was less than as a partner. My husband is Amazing! So supporting in every way. I have never faced the push to get a job. Yet, I still felt like I was taking with no giving.

When you read articles about being a mom, you read about women putting their dreams aside to be a mom. The pull they feel to do something more. They feel incomplete. I don’t deny that there are many women that feel those statements very deeply. They have Amazing Big dreams! I love that!

Yet, there are I think a few of us in a different category. That being a mom is completely fulfilling. Of course there are rough days, as with any “dream” job. But, I truly don’t want to do anything else. I fought against this idea for 3 years almost. I have tried to split my dream job with a job I felt I needed to do, in order to prove my worth to others. These comments from others came with the best intentions, they were shared in love. Which is why I did continue with this job for so long. I thought that maybe they did see something that I was not seeing.

Here I am though, 7 days out from being done with my social media fast, and I have never felt more fulfilled. I have spent 14 days with my three daughters, where my time has not been split. For some that would drive them insane. For me, I have loved every single minute. The talks that we have shared, the games we have played, and lessons we have learned.

Being a Mom, who does homeschool, is my Dream job. Running a stay at home business is just not my passion, and I have finally come to terms with it. I don’t know what the future holds, but I do know it isn’t guaranteed. So, I am gonna keep walking each day as it is my last, and create memories that will last a lifetime.

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