Tale in Gardening

Homeschooling becomes a fun journey when you use everyday life lessons for teaching.

Last summer we started a fun unit on gardening. We sifted soil, tested it, and found that we have really crappy soil. Great for weeds, horrible for anything else.

Two years ago we positioned a larger pool on top of the grass, that was in our backyard. As you can imagine, all the grass died around that area. Since then, the only thing that has been growing in that area is weeds.

My husband wants a garden so badly, but the amount of work to create an ideal atmosphere for the plants to grow, is very daunting. Isn’t that like our lives though?

If I were to compare my heart to soil, like Jesus did in the Parable of the Sower, I would see that my heart’s soil needs a fair amount of work. The Fruit of the Spirit isn’t what always grows in my heart. Thank you Father for your grace and mercy!

I heard a sermon once on this topic, and the pastor used an acronym for Dirt, and it has stuck with me.

D – Disappointment
I – Insecurity
R – Rejection
T – Trouble

In his sermon, he brought out the concept that in order for Dirt to be conducive for growth, there needs to be death and quite a bit of yucky stuff in it. In relation to our heart’s soil, we need to face the yuck. The trying times, the rejections, and the troubles, for our heart to produce the fruit we are wanting.

That truth isn’t something we really want to hear, we typically want the happy. But if we go back to our gardening illustration, we are fully aware at the amount of work a farmer does before he plants the seed.

So this week, I am leaning into my DIRT moments. Seeing the work that God is doing to create the Fruit, I desperately want to see.

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