Think before you Speak

Hey friends!

How did yesterday go, with changing your “have to’s” to gratitudes??

I had an interesting discussion with my middle daughter, the one with a stronger will. She was once again, fighting the clean up time. I brought up the idea of, “she gets to clean up her toys”. Her eyes became saucer sized and she goes, “What?” I proceeded to explain that having toys is a blessing, something to be thankful for. That being able to clean them up, means that she has been blessed with them. It took her a bit to get it, but I think she finally got it.

After that encounter, I think over the next few days I will focus a bit on our words and our mindset, both here and in my home.

Have you ever heard the phrase, “Think before you Speak?” I recently heard of a great acronym that I am using with my daughters.

T – Is it Truthful?
H – Is it Helpful?
I – Is it Inspiring?
N – Is it Necessary?
K – Is it Kind?

I have been teaching them that if it doesn’t fit all 5 categories, then they do not need to speak it. It has been a great learning tool, not only for them but for me. Quite frankly, being a stay at home mom can be tough, especially when you homeschool. We each have our own will, which then butts up against another’s will. Words have been said, that don’t fit any of those categories. The damage has been done. However, we can always grow, we can always make changes.

I hope these challenges are inspiring you to look a bit closer at your life. To see that you can always grow and get better.

Talk soon!

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